I’m back!

Welcome back internet people, it’s been a gargantuan time since my last update.

So, what’s happened I hear you ask, well since my last update was my last XC race of 2022 back in September, I really haven’t been up to that much racing wise. I did a few cyclocross races but not enough to complete a championship, managed to get a few 2nd places so not to bad considering it’s really not a sport for me. I also did a circuit race! I mean what’s going on? It was fun, I didn’t do too well but it was something totally new to me, like a fish out of water.

Over the past few months I’ve had some great people join me for 2023, if you follow my socials I’m sure you will be up to date with this. I have joined with the Pine Sport team, really excited for this, likeminded people to sit and chat with at nationals and other events. I’ve also been supported by Intense Cycles UK, another partnership I’m supper excited about, I received my new bike last week, not had much time on it yet but things are starting to look good. I also need to mention my long term partnerships with, Bike Guru Derby, Full Throttle Racing, Halo Wheels, Recoil Suspension, Squirt Cycling Products UK,  who year after year come back to help me. I really do appreciate all the support and help I get.

pinesport bike

Something super exciting that happened, at the start of January I was asked to take part in filming for new Lloyds Bank advert, I’m sure you have seen it “This Girl is on Fire” 😊 I was approached to be lead but unfortunately I’m not in the advert, as it planned out I ended up being backup for lead role (Nina), no idea what happened, we had an amazing experience regardless, meeting the horses (that are absolutely stunning) and experiencing the whole filming process, it’s crazy, how a quiet hillside can turn into a mini village of people who all have the same vision and goal.

lloyds1 lloyds2 lloyds3 lloydshorse

Anyway back to MTB XC racing, this past weekend was officially my first race of 2023 at Sherwood Pine riding my new bike 😊 I’ve only had my bike a few days and due to the snow I’ve only ridden it for about 20 mins on Saturday so not ideal for the race but it felt super quick and I felt comfortable.

We arrived at Sherwood and I was a little shocked at how much snow was still on the ground, I went out for practice and felt OK, the course at Sherwood as always is flat and due to the weather was super slow and draggy but overall it was ok.

I headed out for my race, I managed to get onto the 2rd row at gridding, the whistle blew and I pushed hard, managing to get into the top 10 combined and first girl. As we headed out into the forest I just hit a brick wall, my legs were dead and I super struggled, in my head there was something wrong with the bike so I headed to my parents. I honestly had a mini breakdown, moving from hardtail to full suspension, a new bike I just couldn’t cope (sounds silly now), I calmed down and re-joined the race in totally last place. I got my head down and rode to the finish, in the end I finished 4th U16 female so not too bad. Massive well done to everyone who raced, it was a difficult one that’s for sure.

sherwood1 sherwood2 sherwood3

Anyway, that’s a big update, I plan to keep on top of these now, check back soon.

Big thank you to everyone who supports me, my next event is Dirty Knocker 19th March

As always, a massive thank you to my sponsors;

Bike Guru Derby
Full Throttle Racing
Halo Wheels
Intense Cycles
Pine Sport
Recoil Suspension
Squirt Cycling Products

Links can be found under the partner's tab.

Thanks for reading.