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  • Nationals are back, but…….

    Welcome back internet people, another update, so soon, going well so far this keeping my website updated.

    But before we get into the nationals I did a 3-hour team race, the dirty Knocker. Myself and Corben Haynes joined forces to take on the mixed 3-hour challenge. The course was based over tackaroo and the normal area for the XC nationals and other events that take place over there. The course was extended for this event and one lap was

  • I’m back!

    Welcome back internet people, it’s been a gargantuan time since my last update.

    So, what’s happened I hear you ask, well since my last update was my last XC race of 2022 back in September, I really haven’t been up to that much racing wise. I did a few cyclocross races but not enough to complete a championship, managed to get a few 2nd places so not to bad considering it’s really not a sport for me. I also did a circuit race! I mean what’s going on? It was fun, I didn’t do too well but it was something totally new to me, like a fish out of water.

  • FLYUP417 Visit


    Quick Video of myself riding Flyup417 Blue Racoon, have a nose :-)