Update, Covid & No Racing!

Whats up website people?


Thank you for visiting, its been a while since I last published an update and I will let you know why. So, as we all know the World has been hit with covid19, everything has shut down and only over the past 4 weeks have things started to pick up. My website is a place I want people to visit so they can see what I have been up to in an exciting manor, let’s face it, the last 5 months have been nothing exiting at all, I want you guys to feel like your visit to my website has been worth while and as such its means you will return, constantly posting that I have been out training isn’t something that I feel will lead to this, so that’s why the website hasn’t been updated for some time.

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So know your probably thinking there must be some exciting news coming or a super rad update, well maybe, maybe not, there is no racing going on, I’m out riding all the time and I’m having mega fun, I have meet some rad people over the last few weeks but honestly I’m seriously missing the racing circus, and deep down I know 2020 is over but I’m keeping faith and I hope that we get some sort of race series soon.


So what have I been up to? Covid19 has given us interesting times, lucky for me I live in riding distance to Cannock Chase, I have been able to safely get out throughout the whole of lockdown, at the start I mainly just rode fire roads and excluded anything that could potentially cause myself any injury / add pressure to the hospitals, as the restrictions got relaxed I started to ride some known trails, these have a few features but things I have ridden before so they do increase the risk but it’s still relatively low.


Once we could start to travel I headed to FOD (Forest of Dean) to meetup with an awesome group of girls that ride under the Dirt Sisters of Shred banner, this was an excellent meetup, loads of fun, great trails and for once riding with other people and not just my dad! The meetup went so well we have had another meetup since and we also have a meetup scheduled for this weekend and flyup417, so I’m really excited for that, if your there come say hello ????

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I have some mega news and I’m super super excited about that but for now I have to keep my mouth shut, once everything clicks into place you guys will be the first to know.

Lastly, and it’s a bit of sad news, I have had to remove the Instagram feed from the home page, Instagram have made some changes and unfortunately its no longer possible to pull my images to my website ☹

I think that’s enough waffle for now, as always massive thank you to everyone that supports me.

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