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So what have I been up to? granted it’s been a few weeks since my last update but being honest I’ve had a rough few weeks, after the last British Cycling Dev day, I went along to the WMCCL Race at Newport but I was so unwell I only completed half a lap and had to pull out, after a trip to the doctors I had a chest infection and this has taken me out of action for a few weeks.


Still not feeling great I raced at the WMCCL Race RD7, I tried hard but my chest was still hurting, I managed to come away with a 4th, way off the pace but points are points.

CXRD71 cxrd72

Fast forward and I’m feeling a little better, I had to skip the cyclocross this weekend as I was lucky enough to attend another British cycling development day and yet again it didn’t disappoint, super hard work but all worth it and as a bonus we got a few trips on the uplift so that was ace!

bcdev2 bcdev3 bcdev

This past weekend I have been back to 100%, I’m back doing my training and working hard, at the weekend I raced at RD8 of the WMCCL at an awesome Christmas tree Farm. The weather has been rather wet the past couple of weeks but Sunday was sunny so that was a bonus but the track was super super wet. I did a few laps of practice and the track was awesome such a great layout, technical and hard work! I wanted/needed a good result this week and due to my chest infection I have really been struggling and as the championship continues I need to try to gain back a few points. As the Whistle blew I pushed really hard, I slotted into 2nd position and pushed, it was really hard work and lots of mistakes were made, at the finish I crossed the line still in 2nd, 1st had pulled a good gap and I was a good way ahead of 3rd. After my chest infection and the disappointing results I had prior to this event, I was really happy and it’s a great building block.

cxrd83 CXRD81 cxrd82

Oh! other new my new cyclocross Halo Wheels have arrived and they are awesome! Check My Instagram for pic and a video of the awesome supadrive hub!

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