Racing, Racing, Racing.

And so it starts, the mammoth cyclocross racing season is now upon us, from this past Sunday to Christmas its racing every week, that’s something to keep us busy!

On Sunday 6th Oct we travelled down to Henley-In-Arden for round 3 of the WMCCL championship, consistent rain for the past few days had left the ground extremely waterlogged and boggy but on race day the sun was shining.

I went out for practice and although the course was extremely sodden I really enjoyed the layout, it was tight and technical in some parts and fast and flowing in others so it had a fantastic mix of everything, I had a slight issue with my gears so once I got back to the van my dad cleaned my bike and gave it a quick check/adjust ready for the race.

I got call up to the start on the front row due to gridding, as the whistle blew I pushed hard towards the first turn, I made a silly mistake around the first turn, this pushed me from about 5th down to about 25th! I got my head down and pushed but for some reason I found it really hard to get that first lap flow, 2nd place female had pulled a good gap on me by the end of the first lap and 1st was out of reach, as the race progressed I started to gel with track again, I started picking off riders left right and centre and my lap times dropped. As the race entered the halfway point I had closed up onto 2nd and down the hedge row I managed to make the pass for 2nd, I tried my hardest all the way to finish but the leader was just to strong and had disappeared some 2 mins up the track, as I crossed the line I had pulled 29 seconds on 3rd, I was happy with my come back but frustrated with my race but all things considered given the conditions I stayed on and my fitness was right there, more intensity needed on the first lap but it’s all learning.

In other news this week Halo wheels are supporting me in 2020, I’m so excited for this and I’m super excited to receive my new wheels at the end of the month, they are a brand new model and they look awesome.

Massive thanks to my sponsors;

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Mazie Moo Moo

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