Midlands XC RD4 - High Bramley Woods

Round 4 was held at the awesome but private woods "High Bramley", over night rain created a very tricky and slippy course but it was riding well and extremely fun. I headed out for practice feeling a little flat, not being particularly well over the past couple weeks put my training on hold so my preparation entering this weekends race wasn't the best, I enjoyed the course but the climbs were taking the energy out of me!

Race time, I started ok and slotted into 2nd sitting on the rear wheel of the leader saving energy and looking for the correct opportunity to make a pass, unfortunately the leader slipped out and took me down, crashing into a thorn bush, I struggled to unclip and was stuck on the floor for a little while, after getting backup I was knocked down again by a passing riding! I remounted in 3rd and a fair bit behind, I got her head down and pushed hard in the tricky slippy conditions, by the finish I managed to claw back to 2nd so a fantastic result given my crash, fortunately I have already took the under 12's title at only 10 years old so no damage done to the overall results. Wel done to everyone who takes part.

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